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Pray for India

Covid-19 is spreading on a large scale. Are you still safe?
Why does this happen? How can we stop covid-19?
Some say we need masks, some say we need isolation, some say we need vaccines...
But the virus is still spreading everywhere, millions of people are dying, millions of people are receiving treatment, millions of people are infecting...
No, it's not something we mortals can solve. Maybe that's what we've been punished for over the years when we've lost faith in gods more and more. We should pray, we should take God as our faith, only God can save us!

My friends and I have set up a prayer group. We will pray to the gods in many temples, not only in India, but also in other countries.

We pray...

We pray for your health...

We pray for your happiness...

We pray that you can stay away from all disasters...

We pray that India will be prosperous, prosperous and prosperous again!

If you can donate to us, God will hear more prayers, and we will pray and bless you and your family!
Donating 1 bitcoin will help us a lot:
bitcoin: bc1qt5uuqgy0nxjuqzgcy4s8r2vc8cl0fuqz40sf7w

(how to send bitcoin: https://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+send+bitcoin )

If you have no money or don't believe in God, please forward the email to your friends and believe that God will be with us! thank you!

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